Welcome to the ENSAI Erasmus+ Registration Page

If you have any difficulty filling out the form, do not hesitate to contact the Office of International Relations at international@ensai.fr

I. Academic Background Information

Please select your home institution:

Degree of academic year you will complete prior to coming to ENSAI:
Number of years of higher education completed prior to coming to ENSAI:
Have you already studied abroad?
If so, at which institution?
What is your CEFR comprehension level in French?
What is your CEFR expression level in French?
What is your CEFR comprehension level in English?
What is your CEFR expression level in English?
If you do not have at least a B1 level in French, how do you plan on obtaining this level before arriving at ENSAI?

II. Personal Information
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Current Address:
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III. Studying at ENSAI

Which year of our program would you like to apply for?

If you are applying for our 3rd-year program,
which specialization are you most interested in?

How long do you plan to study at ENSAI?

Would you like ENSAI to provide you with assistance
finding housing on the Ker Lann Campus?

Would you like ENSAI to contact you regarding a
physical handicap or learning disability?

IV. Uploading Required Documents

Please upload a scanned copy (PDF only) of the following documents in an archive file (.zip):
1. Your grade transcripts for both current and completed courses
2. Your European Health Insurance Card
3. Supplemental Health Insurance (if applicable)
4.A recent headshot photo

V. Certification of Accuracy

To certify that you agree with the following statement, please choose yes in the drop-down menu below.

I do hereby attest to the accuracy and authenticity
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